Video Production

Video Producer and On-Camera Spokesperson

I've been working on both sides of the camera for over 25 years. In addition to hundreds of hours of finished, on-camera work, I have extensive credits as a scriptwriter, director, editor, videographer and interviewer. Producer strengths include long & short-form corporate videos and documentary-style videos.The 4-min. video (below) illustrates my on-camera spokesperson capabilities as well as all of the production skills listed above. To see the full-length, 20 min. Dogs for the Deaf video, please click on this link, Dogs for the Deaf - 20 mins.

More video samples, testimonials and production credits can be found by visiting the Video Producer tab above.

Digital Video Production with over 25 years experience. Videos for websites, documentaries, corporate promotional videos, training & demonstration videos and commercials.

Video is a proven marketing tool. A good video can sell, train, educate, motivate, promote and demonstrate. A good video is also cost-effective. Talk to me about giving your product or service the exposure it deserves.


I'm skilled in all aspects of video production as an independent producer, writer, director, editor and camera operator. I also have five years in television broadcast news as anchor, producer, reporter. I have an extensive working knowledge of all aspects of the production process which makes for a clear vision of the project’s final look. I excel at scriptwriting and I have a director’s eye for shot composition, lighting and talent direction. I'm a skilled editor and a team player. E-mail me with any questions you might have regarding your project or any aspect of video production. I'm happy to help.

No matter what the scope of your production, no matter what size budget you have to work with, there is no project too big or too small!

ALL-DIGITAL HD PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT: High-quality digital technology means your finished video can be easily updated as changes in your business occur. Final product delivered on DVD.

Most recent on-camera commercial work:

Financial Planning Nighttime

Financial Planning Daytime

EXTENSIVE PRODUCTION CREDITS: The following list includes highlights from the categories of specialty, documentary, promotional, training/educational videos and television commercials.


I bring a long list of credentials to my video productions. The following is only a partial list of the hundreds of projects I've produced over the past 25 years. This list highlights specialty and documentary videos, television commercials, educational and corporate promotional and training videos.

Educational, Documentary Videos:

"Dogs for the Deaf" - Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.

"Rafting The Wild and Scenic Rogue River" Hugh Hague, Noah's Wilderness Adventures

"Explore Southern Oregon" Independent Video, Gayle Wilson, Producer

"The Wild and Scenic Rogue River" Independent Video, Gayle Wilson, Producer

"Slammin' Salmon Whitewater Bloopers" Independent Video, Gayle Wilson, Producer

"Whitewater Bloopers 2: The Carnage Continues" Independent Video, Gayle Wilson, Producer

"Mountain Echoes: Cattle Calling in Southern Oregon" - Lake Creek Historical Society

"Reforestation" - Illinois Valley Ranger District - USFS - Illinois Valley, OR

"If Trees Could Talk" - Jacksonville Woodlands Association

"The California Salmon Whitewater Video"

"The Klamath River: Hell's Corner Gorge Whitewater Video"

"Adventure Whitewater" - Dr. Gene Allred, Co-producer

"Childcare in the Office" - Winema National Forest, USFS

"Berlin, the Friendly Siege" - Diana Versluis, Co-producer

Industrial & Promotional Videos:

Sattex Polishing Compounds, Medford, OR

"Blade Gauge & Angle Perfect" - Medford, OR

Windmill Inn & Suites - Ashland, OR

"Shop Strop" - Medford, OR

Pacific Water Sports - Seattle, WA

Cascade Outfitters - Springfield, OR

Wilderness Adventures - Redding, CA

SOTAR Whitewater Raft Manufacturing - Grants Pass, OR

"Facial Rejuvenation" - Dr. Philip Stonebrook, Co-producer, - Ashland, OR

Young's Ranch - Somes Bar, CA

Galice Resort - Grants Pass, OR

Windmill Inns of America - Ashland, OR

Hercules Inflatable Boats - Ashland, OR

The Historic Peerless Hotel - Ashland, OR

Evergreen Federal Bank - Grants Pass, OR

Rogue Valley Council of Governments - Central Point, OR

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center - Grants Pass, OR

Southern Oregon Powerboat Association - Gold Beach, OR

Television Commercials:

Roe Motors GM - Grants Pass, OR

Quail Point Golf Course - Medford, OR

Britt Performing Arts Festival - Jacksonville, OR

CP National Gas Co. - Medford, OR

Addictions Recovery Center - Medford, OR

Medford Education Association - Medford, OR

Mt. Ashland Ski Park - Ashland, OR

Noah's Wilderness Adventures - Rafting the Wild and Scenic Rogue River