Video Production Testimonials

I work for Senior and Disability Services of Rogue Valley Council of Governments. We began disaster preparedness work in 1997 after a flood in our area stranded and endangered a number of frail elders and disabled adults. As part of our project, Gayle Wilson created a video, called, "Planning Ahead for Special Needs in a Disaster." It is an engaging presentation of tips for people with disabilities to get them thinking about how to best prepare themselves; either to evacuate their homes or to stay at home safely when instructed to do so by emergency responders.The video is professional, but friendly in tone, and is so packed with information that it is has been a tremendous "hit" in the disaster preparedness community. The presentation has country-wide distribution through a national disability organization which offers clips from the video on its website. Hundreds of copies of the DVD have been distributed in Oregon alone to disabled individuals and groups, fire chiefs, emergency managers, human service providers and cable access television stations.

We never anticipated the broad, enthusiastic acceptance of the video at the time Gayle created it, however, we are very grateful for the service it has provided to our most vulnerable neighbors. It has become a vital tool to help people help themselves, to save themselves, in times of disaster.

Connie Saldana

Disaster Planner Senior and Disability Services

Rogue Valley Council of Governments, Central Point, Oregon

Along with conserving open space within Historic Jacksonville, Oregon, the Jacksonville Woodlands Association provides outdoor education activities for visiting school classes. To accomplish our educational mission we have produced a number of brochures, trail maps, booklets and our award winning video, "If Trees Could Talk..."

Written and produced by Gayle Wilson, the 18-minute video tells the wonderful story of how a group of town citizens have been able to preserve over 300 acres of native woodlands surrounding 70% of our historic district, all told through the "eyes" of a 150 year-old Giant Sequoia tree. Gayle's entertaining and educational video has won several national awards, including Sea World's "A Pledge and A Promise". The video is available to the schools of Jackson County and to the patrons of the Jackson County Library System.

Larry Smith

Executive Director

Jacksonville Woodlands Association